Monday, December 1, 2008

Goals and Objectives

The proposed policy change will satisfy a number of goals and objectives. The policy change is meant to satisfy both security and human rights needs. Under the current system the idea exists that one of these needs can be compromised to have more of the other. In order to have more security, certain human rights need to be given up. The mentality begin this is the belief that these two extremely important needs cannot coexist equally. This does not need to be the case and with the proposed change, these two rights will not need to be scaled against each other.

The first goal is to protect security. As a nation it is imperative that we protect the security of this country and the people within it. By abolishing security certificates we will be able to achieve this goal because it will not only continue to protect the country, but also the security of the people the certificates effect.

Under the current policy, the security of the nation is not being protected. The provisions of the certificates simply allow for the deportation of individuals who are seen as potential security threats. What is does is simply stops them from being a threat or planning a terrorist attack from within the country. This does not prevent the individual from being a threat altogether though. The individual can continue to be a threat from outside of Canada. As a result this current policy is ineffective at actually protecting and promoting security.

The second goal of the policy change is the protection of human rights. As a leader in the international arena, Canada has regularly proclaimed its acceptance of universal human rights and it has also been expected to adhere to the international human rights norms and ideal standards. To ensure the government follows these norms, Canada, along with three quarters of the world's states has accepted legal obligations to implement these rights by becoming party to the International Human Rights Covenants.

The current policy of using security certificates is in clear violation of many of these human rights. It is imperative that the government fulfill its obligations and protect the rights of both citizens and non-citizens of this country. By abolishing security certificates the individuals in question will be accorded these rights.

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