Saturday, November 8, 2008

Unfair Dealing film link

Since we're also now talking about how the criminal justice system approaches terrorism, I thought people might be interested in this video. The 'Toronto 18' are Canadian citizens facing terrorism charges under the Criminal Code. More people should see this before they start harping on about security threats. It's also a good reminder that the 'justice' system does not work well and needs a revamping of its own.

You-tube has the video called Unfair Dealing if you want to watch it in parts, or the full version is available here:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great film. I watched it in bits and pieces on You-Tube rather than your link. It raises some difficult issues. The criminal code may not be any better than the security certificates.

This reminds me of all those cop shows like Law and Order, where the police use awful tactics to 'get' someone because they just know the person's guilty, even though there's no evidence. Pretty scary. Only on TV does it turn out the person really is guilty. How can we get police to refocus on investigating rather than inventing evidence? This is really messed up.